David is a leader, designer, coach, educator and manager, with 33 years’ educational and vocational training experience in the college, university and industry sectors.

He delivers to learners from different vocational subject areas, ensuring that the Curriculum for Excellence provides vocational learning and the employability skills needed for the world of work and its foundation for skills development throughout life.

David also has experience with Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) as a Qualification Verifier visiting Further Education colleges and training centres verifying the subject area – Core skills, Digital Literacy and Information and Communication Technology.

He was recently invited to contribute to two SQA awards – Professional Development Award in Data Science and HND Computing, focussing on Meta skills.

David has extensive experience of working internationally, including project managing a UKIERI project with the University of Delhi in India, on a project that aimed to design and develop a course in media and animation to enhance the digital skills of Delhi University lecturers and students.

In 2020/21, he has role of a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert, an exclusive program created to recognise global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers in the effective use of technology for better learning and student outcomes.

David has created a range of Data Literacy learning resources for educators to support the development of skills such as initiative, adapting, communicating, collaborating and leading.

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